Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

  • For classes students must reach the college within 10:00 am and they should not leave the college till all the scheduled classes are over.
  • Attendance must satisfy the University rules. Students with attendance less than 75% in any subject will not be allowed to appear in University Exam.
  • Students absent for more than two consecutive classes for a subject need to take written permission from the Principal / Vice-Principal to continue attending classes for the subject again.
  • Students should maintain proper dress code as prescribed by the Institute.
  • Smoking cigarettes and drinking of alcohol are strictly prohibited at college premises and within 100 m of the campus.
  • Before leaving the classrooms or labs students must switch off the lights & fans or machines or devices worked with.
  • Student should keep their mobile phones in silent/switchedoff mode in the learning areas of the campus.
  • Students must appear for all the unit tests, pre-Test and other examinations as prescribed by the College and/or University.
  • Students booked for disciplinary actions will be required to appear in front of the disciplinary committee of the Institute and if found guilty would attract actions which even may lead to rustication from the Institute.
  • In case of involvement of a student in the matter of ragging or violation of extent of such rule thereof, the college authority has liberty to expel such students (if found guilty) in compliance with directive of Honourable Supreme court of India and UGC directive UGC [No. F 1-16/07 (CPP-II) April, 2009]
  • Ragging in any form within or outside the college is strictly prohibited as per decision of the Supreme Court of India in writ petition No. (c) 656/1998 and defaulters, if any, will be severely dealt with. Based upon the gravity of offence, the punishment for violating this code may lead to expulsion from college.

Expectations From Students And Parents

From Students

Willing to invest minimum 12-14 hours a day for self development and have a thirst for learning.

Committed, sincerity, willingness to work hard under stress with clearly set goals and high standards for self.

Do not consider the Institute as a placement agency but as a grooming ground and learning center to pursue knowledge and skills acquisition.

Self motivated and enthusiastic having a winner’s attitude.

From Parents

At RICIS, we are very grateful to the parents of students for having vested faith in us and sent their child to pursue their higher studies with us.

Our only appeal to the parents is that they must not break the learning process and not approach the management for their child to be given leave on festivals, for weddings of distant relatives, any other family functions.

We also request parents to support us and not become a hindrance by making requests which will disrupt or interrupt the learning process that we have planned.